Around five or six years ago, I began playing 'Ocarina of Time' again. I never completely finished the game when I was much younge...

Ocarina of Time: The End of a Journey

Around five or six years ago, I began playing 'Ocarina of Time' again.

I never completely finished the game when I was much younger and my courage had increased since then, making it easier to fight the freaky looking monsters.

In comparison to my childhood, the concept of friendship within the game was stronger. The few scenes in this game made me think of how close to reality these bonds can be. For those of you who haven't played the game or remember it well, here's a brief summary interlaced with my commentary.

In the beginning, the audience becomes acquainted with Saria, a green haired Kokiri child,  who is Link's childhood friend.

Saria, Link

These scenes near the beginning of the game allowed us to understand Saria will be a vital character in the near future. In the following scenes, when Link leaves the Forest, we further understand the bond they shared when Link hesitated to leave.


Little did Link know that years would pass before he would see his friend once again. After 7 years, he returned to the forest and found that it changed considerably. Upholding his role as the Hero, the now teenage boy went to save his friend...

...only to learn that she is the Sage of the Forest.

Sage of the Forest, Adult Link

Here Saria acknowledged that her childhood days are over and she must take responsibility given to her. It was a little saddening that two very good friends could not be together again.

This wasn't the only scene which touched me - the other was between Navi and Link in the finale.

Navi, the little fairy, had been with Link since the beginning as she was tasked to guide him through the quest. Through thick and thin, she has been with him whether it be giving hints for the area's puzzle or just nagging about moving onto the next area.

Navi, Link

Alas, their fate was the same as Saria and Link's - Navi had completed her mission and there wasn't a need to stay with Link anymore.

At the end, Link had matured and had regained his lost time thanks to Zelda, the Sage of Time. Now he knows what awaits him and I am positive he'd make good use of his childhood.

It was at this point I reminisced about my final year in high school - it was filled with childish drama but happy memories overall. There were friends whom I've lost touch with completely but during my teenage years, they were very important to my development as an adult, especially in the transition of high school to university.

Then there are those friends who stay with you until the end. I hope for the ones who are with me now, they stay until the end of my journey.

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