Yui & Subaru ( Diabolik Lovers) Well, my previous hope from  here  was slightly diminished. In the sixth episode, Yui was given a...

Diabolik Lovers: Episode 6 (Spoilers)


Subaru, Yui
Yui & Subaru (Diabolik Lovers)

Well, my previous hope from here was slightly diminished. In the sixth episode, Yui was given a chance to leave by Subaru and guess what? She didn't take it.

One thing I did like seeing was that Yui was about to take this chance Subaru offered. He mentioned that current night was the time to escape. No one would follow her. She attempted to do so, packing her bag and what not.

Then she saw her father's diary, compelling her to stay in the mansion to find out the 'truth'. Okay, reasonable reason to stay and I don't feel the need to completely criticize her choice since again, there was an attempt to leave.

This showed she wasn't happy living there and not enjoying the attention she was receiving. This is a significant change in comparison to some other animanga although I do wish she would've just left completely, having the boys regret their attitudes towards her.

I was too hopeful.

This episode was slightly better than the previous one. Clearly, Kanato has the most serious problem as he attempted to choke her in the room of waxed figures of past brides?

At the end of the day, every single one of boys has mommy issues and Yui is obviously connected to that.

So far, Subaru has maintained his composure and gave Yui the knife which can kill vampires. She kept it and hopefully, uses it if one of the boys attempts anything non-consensual.

Well done, Subaru, I truly hope you don't become like the rest of your brothers.

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