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When Destiny Takes Over: Athrun x Cagalli (Part IV)


The amount of support and feedback I received for the latest (and overall) AsuCaga analysis was phenomenal! Thank you for the kind words as they are the best motivation to finish the series. I couldn't get this up earlier since I was waiting for resources that, unfortunately, didn't come through but I'm grateful of your patience. At the same time, I was trying to learn how to make GIFs...that failed nicely. Stills will have to do for now.

Without further ado, let's begin the last part of this analysis. The only disclaimer I have here is that this post is much more image & text heavy than my other posts. At this point in the series, please keep in mind that Athrun and Cagalli begin to walk on their separate paths so despite the fact that they are closer in distance physically, they are on two different levels politically.  

In the last article, I ended with Athrun's unconventional - and repetitive - return to the Archangel. He was cared for by Cagalli, as was noted by AsuCaga fanboy Kira, and Meyrin was looked after by Miriallia. Athrun's been the focus of this manifesto of sorts for obvious reasons but let's talk more in depth about my favourite girl in the SEED series: Ms. Cagalli Yula Attha.

This was a lovely edit from one of the official Director's Concept AMVs because it portrayed Cagalli's mindset perfectly throughout Destiny. The left-Cagalli is in the shade whereas the one on the right is facing the light but both are surrounded by flowers, which is a nice touch.

I'm happy the video ended on this image since she didn't receive much screen time on the show. Although, there was a lot of compensation for demoting her character to secondary in the form of official images and videos. It was sad that it took a lot of edits from the studio to be able to give her character some justice for the Special and Remastered editions. From hesitant & immature to confident & independent, I'm going to go over the details that made her so and you can form your opinion of whether or not a relationship was viable at this point in her life.

The only media source that depicted her character perfectly was The Edge. Cagalli's characterization and tribulations were perfectly shown with this cover image:

Shinn was her Guilt and Uzumi was her Ideals. Not a great combination, especially with Uzumi's suicide, eh?

Without a doubt, the manner of Uzumi's death was terrible in Gundam SEED in comparison to Fllay's & Lacus' fathers death. The reason I say terrible was because he chose it. The last scene they have together in real-time highlighted the fact that she took him for granted and decided to be headstrong child (which is difficult for a politician) instead of working towards a harmonious relationship. His death does coincide with the traditional Japanese honour system as he chose to sacrifice himself for Orb instead of living for his daughter - it was a community vs. individualism decision here. Therefore, his death can be considered honourable. It was of interest that Uzumi and Patrick's death reappeared in Destiny more so than the others, showing the impact their values had on their children.

To stress the significance of this honourable death and the effect it had on Cagalli, it was mentioned over and over that she was daddy's little girl. But not necessarily in a direct way. Take a look at what her driving factor was in Destiny:

It wasn't often we saw Cagalli alone, without Kira or Athrun so I appreciated this moment. She was at a point  in leadership where she was reminded that she wasn't a child and needed to mature. Her preferred method of handling things wasn't working anymore. These were similar words her daddy tried to ingrain in her.

In a show that heavily depended on romantic relationships - Shinn & Stellar's bond wasn't flushed out as a sibling relation until the remastered version was released so I don't count them - Uzumi & Cagalli's relationship was refreshing. It wasn't Athrun that was her priority, as seen when she missed breakfast with him in an early episode, it was her country solely because her father entrusted it to her. She knew about her biological parents, their backgrounds as well, knew Kira was her brother but didn't maintain a healthy relationship with him, as Kira alluded to after kidnapping her from her wedding, yet her adoptive father's legacy was what she chose to commit her essence to. I strongly suspect if Uzumi was still around, she'd be training to become a better pilot and fighter instead of refining her skills as a politician. Choice and freedom existed during his rule and Cagalli benefited from it.

Throughout the show, Uzumi's and Cagalli's relationship was touched on in passive ways, most notably through background songs in scenes in which Cagalli and Uzumi parted & when Cagalli piloted Akatsuki for the first time.

The translated lyrics to Akatsuki no Kuruma can be found here and I completely disagree with those who say this is an AsuCaga song. It wasn't. It was a Cagalli & Uzumi song - the lyrics were so damn depressing and reflected what she must have felt when losing her sole parent.

Since Uzumi's deah was heroic, it weighed on her for two years. It was the beginning of a guilt cycle for Cagalli because in all honesty, how the hell does an 18 year old compare to someone with years of experience, confidence and ingrained beliefs to the point of dying for them? Instead of spending more time at home and learning diplomacy and politics from her father, Cagalli desired to be part of the action; as mentioned before, she had the luxury of freedom while Uzumi lived. The last choice she had was to pilot Strike Rouge in the final war in SEED, a decision I'm sure Kisaka regretted.

So how does someone adapt from a life of choice to one without, especially when being a hot head was in their nature? Without the guidance of experienced politicians? Kisaska was great in military hence a great adviser in regards to strategy, Erica was phenomenal in areas of innovation but where was her political guide? 

Athrun Zala, who joined the militia at 16 because of his mother's unfortunate death? Good God no. He was a soldier at the end of the day, that's what he knew.

As I've mentioned before, Kira was her rock, doubling as a faithful adviser but even he was slightly idealistic in his beliefs, proven when Captain Todaka said that the Archangel would eventually find the right way. Kira also questioned a few times whether what they did was right. His development came from Lacus, who was politically minded, and from his position of being the third party. If anyone noticed, Lacus wasn't heavily involved in Cagalli's battle aside from providing her generic advise. I felt it was because she didn't know Orb's policies nor had any reason to prior to her failed assassination attempt. She was given the backseat so Cagalli's advisers came in the form of Kira and Murrue, mostly Kira as he proved the two years with Lacus was what he needed. He provided his sister of the emotional and physical reassurance she needed that was given to him two years ago and he became respected among the Orb military as well:


Who else had stood up for her thus far? 

For this reason alone, my love for Kira x Cagalli was rekindled. Although he supported her to no end, eventually he'd have to let go of her hand. The turning point in her character came in the Last Battle of Orb. It was finally time for her to stand on her own two feet and make difficult decisions. It was a foreshadowing of - potentially - decades to come.

The guilt and insecurity she held onto needed to be released as well since they were a massive obstacle to confidence. When she received the Akatsuki, she finally received the closure she needed to hear from her father - to be happy. If hearing your parent's encouraging voice after two years didn't alleviate the guilt you've been harbouring for thinking yourself as a shitty leader, then surely nothing else will. She had been holding onto Athrun's ring for so long because that too was a choice and I think she kept it because she felt the only sliver of happiness could come from him. He was her unexpected variable and she could keep him. Since Uzumi gave her 'permission' to be happy, I feel she learned that Athrun didn't have to be her only source of happiness and that she had to let him go for the moment.

This scene was phenomenally crafted and provided justice to Cagalli's character and journey. This was the last we see her cry so forcefully and I felt it to be a bittersweet ending to the confusion and frustration she underwent in the majority of the series.

Here's a video for nostalgia's sake.

The background that played was Honoo no Tobira, a song I can only associate with Cagalli. It was much more optimistic than Akatsuki no Kuruma and spoke to the bond between father and daughter - he'd always be with her no matter what. Returning momentarily to The Edge cover, I hope that the average reader can appreciate the awakened Cagalli it depicted: a sombre Uzumi, Ideals, and an angry Shinn, Guilt, turn their back to the vibrant and bold Cagalli. They couldn't hold her down anymore.

Again, it was important that Kira wasn't on Earth at this moment because it proved Cagalli had finally achieved confidence on her own. It also gave Erica and Kisaka a chance to come to her. She could read the situation - circumstances that needed a proper General Commander with a combination of an authoritative and charismatic nature. I'm sure the soldiers of Orb couldn't have been happier to have her back. I mean, they only expressed their happiness verbally and all. Considering the professionalism of Orb's military, especially when compared to ZAFT's militia and Atlantic Federation of hiding a terrorist, their verbal favouritism of Cagalli was kind of a big deal. In SEED, she was giving orders, though faulty, during the attack on Orb. These soldiers definitely trusted her and under her now efficient orders, Orb wouldn't burn like before. There would be no more like the tragic Shinn.

Of everyone on the show, I feel she was the most patriotic character. She was true to her country over and over, despite being informally exiled. But she's back and ready to go, with her father's blessing.

The Battle of Orb was quite a milestone for not only Cagalli but Athrun as well. I always find it intriguing that when it came to Athrun and his identity, it was Lacus that spoke the necessary words, In Destiny, this scene nearly paralleled the one to Athrun's awakening in Gundam SEED. Then, she was much more forceful and used her own words but here, she understood Athrun had gone through enough to comprehend who he was. He just needed that push.

This scene concluded Athrun's cognitive dissonance in a few minutes. Lacus paralleled Durandel's words to Athrun except she represented true choice instead of manipulation. This was made obvious with Athrun's minor flashbacks in the remastered edition. To remove choice was Durandel's true goal and Athrun & Cagalli constantly proved that being truly human can be difficult. The scene also reminded the audience that Lacus had the same skill set as Durandel, the difference being that she chose to use her skills for the good fight. Something Athrun could finally do now that the rosy glass was gone and he had a better picture of reality.

Lacus' push was what Athrun needed as he had been persecuted for choosing the Archangel and defecting from Zaft not too long ago. Although Orb wasn't his country, it was Cagalli's and his new home. It wasn't made clear but I believe that he made the decision to stay in Orb at this point. Again, it wasn't his country but it was where the most important people to him were and where his heart wanted to be - among those he loved and cared for. In both series, he was always the last one to join the fray but when he did, things truly became better in the long run.

So now he knew who he was, thanks to Lacus. She said he was Athrun and really, only he knew what that meant. Durandel took advantage of his solider mindset, of needing to be given orders but with everything that happened until then, Athrun came to a few realizations. At that moment, Kira was fighting solo against Rey and Shinn, two of the biggest threats. He would fight the good fight, like he always wanted to do. Eff his injuries. During his launch scene at the end of episode 41, we finally saw the awakened Athrun Zala.

Another aspect of Episode 41 to be admired was the cinematography. The juxtaposition in the latter half showed the progression of both characters beautifully, more so in Athrun's favour since Cagalli had her moment in the episode before. It served nicely to emphasize that Athrun was just becoming his own person in comparison to Cagalli, who hit the ground running into her role of Head Representative in a chaotic period.

In the compilation below, Cagalli's words overlapped into Athrun's scene and spoke the reason for their falling out - difference in opinion. The second line of screenshots showed Cagalli & Athrun getting their shit together and though the scenes didn't portray them as a couple, it linked them together and provided the foundation for them to make healthier choices in regards to one another. And the best part was the Special Ending that tied it all together.

Why was this particular ending important? Well, take a look below:


In SEED, Kira & Fllay's relationship was the most developed and to showcase Kira & Lacus relationship, the series compensated through opening and endings. The same thing was done with the endings of Destiny. As the endings go on, we see that the first one as them being happy and intimate but slowly lose physical and eye contact. Coupled with the song choices, each scene was well executed. This was why the last ending was amazing. Great cinematography!

The episodes following this was a test of character on both Athrun's & Cagalli's part. Cagalli would always put her country first, no matter what. To be Head Representative meant more than a career for her, especially when seeing the consequences of war in the form of Shinn Asaka. Too bad they never reconciled - they'd be fun friends to be around with their impulsive ways. 

But I digress. 

Returning to the story at hand, the original four have been reunited. I admire that Cagalli made her speech on her own but kind of disappointed when that moment was interrupted by Lacus for her to have her moment. That aside, it was time to wage war against ZAFT because surprise surprise, the same conclusion was reached by ZAFT as in SEED. There were some differences with the final fighters though, the major one being that Cagalli couldn't go. 

She took responsibility as a leader should and stayed behind. The country nearly fell apart without her and it could return to that state without reliable leadership. In the scenes in which she addressed her military prior to launch, Athrun and Cagalli took a leap of faith in regards to one another, as if to compensate for the absence of understanding. 

Cagalli chose put her relationship aside with Athrun because rebuilding Orb was much more important. Although Athrun was shocked that she removed the ring, his comprehension of the situation set him aside from Kira. Athrun could understand her on an emotional level and I'm sure Cagalli knew he would. This decision was quite controversial in fandom since there was only a shallow interpretation - that Cagalli "gave" Athrun to Meyrin.

Um, I watched the original and remastered again and saw no evidence of that. What I saw was Cagalli feeling terrible that she couldn't watch over him since the last time he went to battle, he almost blew himself up. Remember? She saved him that time - and perhaps the bond she felt to him became stronger because she was able to stop someone from suicide unlike her father - but who could possibly do that this time? Lacus was obviously going to be preoccupied with the battlefront and Kira so Cagalli, despite not knowing Meyrin very well, made a request that she care for Athrun. 

Obviously, Meyrin wouldn't have any idea of what happened in the last war between the two or how close Athrun came to suicide since she only knew the Gentleman!Athrun. Tears were quite prominent in her eyes because it was time to let go of her old self.

As Cagalli walked away from Meyrin, she had a flashback of the infamous hug scene. Of course, this was huge because the only times Athrun made a move was during significant moments such as when he apologized to her for being insensitive while talking about Patrick, when they had their first kiss and now, this. Usually it was Cagalli who was more physical so it wasn't a surprise that she was shocked when he stepped forward. 

See, their hug, their first mutual expression of intimacy after all the chaos, showed that they had finally reached reconciliation, that they finally understood one another. Kira didn't have to be a middle agent anymore although he and Lacus were initially worried that Cagalli had taken off her ring. He informed them what both he and Cagalli thought, showing that in a way, they ascended the Kira x Lacus relationship. They were in-synch without needing to be near each other and the Remastered edition made this obvious after the hug. Honestly, it felt like a bit of a cop-out. 

During, Cagalli's expression was amusing since I believe she was attempting to be sensitive to his situation and feelings. She smiled at him but there was uncertainty. Would he accept her decision? The fact that he was the only one to step out to hug her was also significant. I'm not sure Cagalli's expression can be seen but she looked near tears when he hugged her and when the camera panned away, we saw that the AsuCaga fanbase (Kira, Lacus, Murrue) were content with this. The edge had a much more beautiful image of Athrun's serene expression that pulled me in more:

It really, really sucked that this hug was the last image of them together. They seem to find roles that suited them but again, it would've been great if there was a moment in the anime where Athrun had thoughts of Cagalli. Thankfully, The Edge had the chance to pace properly and included this: 

I want to end with this, one of the most significant moments of AsuCaga, in my opinion. Although Yuna was a twat, he was right in many ways. Consider the scenes from 5:38, some of which I've transcribed below. 

Everyone will eventually be upset if you, the maternal figure of this nation, continue to act like that, even if it's okay for you to be like that now. Earlier, I made a report and made a pledge at your father's tombstone. That I'll defend both Orb and Cagalli with my life.
Yuna! That's -
Although it'll be hurried, it's been decided that our wedding will take place at the same time as the signing of the treaty. After all, the citizens are rather agitated by the recent turn of events. It'll also serve to show them that we, the leaders of this country, are dedicated to working together for this country. 
But that's...wait a second, Yuna! I'm still...!
[Yuna sees Cagalli's ring] You're not a child anymore, Cagalli. I feel a little sorry for you that it's a little early but we're both Naturals and Orb will ally with the Atlantic Freedom. It was an impossible notion. You live in an entirely different world from him to begin with - he's a Coordinator.
There's no point in yelling at me or would you rather tell the citizens that you chose to marry him instead? 
Orb was a neutral territory, yes, but remember that in Gundam SEED, Kira kept his nature a secret. Though subtle in the beginning, it showed the audience that tension existed between Coordinators and Naturals in a peaceful nation. It's not so different from the world today.

Following the Fall of Junius Seven, people were pissed. While Cagalli & Athrun could have made an example of the racism, it could've gone the opposite way, As Yuna implied it would. Coordinators were still a threat and Yuna used this fact to manipulate Cagalli's weakness.

As much as I love Canada and its policy of inclusiveness of all religions and cultures, there are tensions among groups. All that's needed is a third party tragedy and boom, the hatred explodes, as seen with the Paris attacks in November and increased hate crimes against Muslims. Same thing with Coordinators and Naturals. Remember that genocide occurred in SEED but because it was an act of war, it was overlooked after the final war.

Remember that this show is about racism and prejudice. Yuna even included Kira, her brother, as someone she had to keep a distance from. So her decision to go through with the marriage was not one many would understand since many of us live in privileged worlds. We can definitely criticize her giving into public demand and therefore racism but in all seriousness, she was 18. There was still a lot she needed to learn despite being a war hero. It was easier for Kira and Lacus to become a union politically, Mwu and Murrue and even Shinn and Luna. But the Coordinator/Natural relationships were the ones that faced a lot of scrutiny and I don't think the creators could reconcile it easily in accordance to the C.E. universe's canon. It's a hard enough union to follow through with in our world with some groups.

That being said, though Athrun chose to fight for Orb in the last battle, there wasn't any way that he'd get a high ranking title since he proved himself untrustworthy multiple times in regards to military action. In the final Special Edition, Athrun was given the insignia of Admiral but the Remastered edition showed Athrun as a Commander, meaning that his initial position was demoted. I'm glad this happened because it meant he'd have to work his way up and have his fellow soldiers trust him again. As the Gundam wiki pointed out, him becoming a member of the Orb military meant that he must've become a citizen, showing that he was dedicated to Cagalli's cause and finally used his true identity.

I'm sure Cagalli was aware of the politics regarding Athrun and had Athrun do things the right way instead of granting him a higher rank as easily as she did for Kira. Her brother did deserve it though. I strongly believe this would have caused turbulence in the loyalty Orb's Army had towards the Attha family. She couldn't pull a "Lacus".

Now, fast forward to a time where Athrun was still Commander. In the aftermath of the war, everyone seemed to go to their respective locations. Taisetsunabara @ Tumblr translated excerpts of an Omake (so give her a thanks in a PM if you appreciate the effort!) written by the main writer which gave insights to the entire situation. 

As I mentioned in the previous part, there were tensions between Cagalli's VA & scriptwriter so it would explain why there was merely a mention of Cagalli and an absence of her presence. I disliked that but couldn't expect anything else in consideration of the situation. 

What I've learned to expect from the creators was that if left to Fukuda, he'd make it possible via different means to showcase the AsuCaga relationship, such as director's concept videos, openings and endings, etc. But if his dear Waifu had her say, then she'd push for AsuMey. 

The reason I think this is due to the fact that the Minerva crew thought Meyrin was dating Athrun, Athrun was uncomfortable about the topic but didn't outright say no, and that Meyrin is now in Orb for a promotion. It was obvious that she retained feelings for him but understood that there was still something between Athrun and Cagalli. 

While Athrun and Cagalli probably see each other more than the Omake let on, they clearly haven't reached that point where they could become a couple again. Because of the racial tensions, I don't think it'd happen for awhile. If Athrun continued to be loyal and Cagalli continued to visit the Defence Headquarters, I'm sure they'd accept their relationship after seeing their feelings were pure. It would make it easier to announce it to Orb because the military would have Cagalli's back even if the politicians didn't. Should any uprising occur, the military was there for them.

It may sound farfetched but it is politics and Cagalli now knows better.

I'm not bitter about it but stating this from an objective perspective. I'd rather have more sole Cagalli time than anything. But the reality was that she'd only be included into conversations when it came to relationships. The message I received by the end of the show was, if you're not a Coordinator, your story doesn't matter in the end. The Omake spoke to that. 

So while I'm not bitter about the relationship between AsuCaga & AsuMey not being confirmed properly, I'm bitter about the racial message that was forgotten. Gundam SEED was great for it and I loved the AsuCaga, KiraFllay, ShinnStellar & DearMiri relationships that meant much more because of the theme. If the studio ever came across this article for whatever reason, this is my request:

Please show that Cagalli is happy, even if she isn't with Athrun.

Yes, it's an anime therefore she's not real. But media is a strong force. In retrospect, I had more respect for the show after the failure that was the Naruto end, where women were relevant only as a uterus. The women in this series at least had a decent backstory and had more going on for them than their significant others. 

To me, Cagalli was as natural as they come, she represented an independent woman who had to develop her potential, not someone like Lacus who knew the right words from the get go. That to me wasn't natural. While Lacus & Cagalli were both good role models in many ways, the latter tells young girls that it's possible to be your own person and that it's okay to depend on others in times of great doubt. I don't mean to bash Lacus here but in Destiny, hers and Kira's identity were very much intermingled with one another in comparison to SEED. 

Because the series depended so much on romantic relationships, probably to appeal more to a female audience, Cagalli got the short end of the stick. I truly hope Athrun's feelings for her are legitimate and he stays with her should another Omake come into production. 

They were attracted to one another for a reason, after all. While they can't go back to that time, I'm sure they can become a reliable life partner to one another. Keep your love for this OTP strong and who knows, maybe the studio will eventually cave and give the fans a wedding or a glimpse into married life, even if to sole purpose is to make more money ;) 

And here is where I end. I want to convey my deepest gratitude to those who have stayed with me from the beginning (especially kiyuair, thank you luv!) and have encouraged me time after time. Thanks to those who have made this series of articles a success by sharing it with their fellow fans and thanks for all the feedback you've provided me. 

I'm sure many of you had some moments while shipping these two that would be considered 'catty', as one user mentioned and I'm not saint either, but the important thing is that we can look back and view this series as objectively as possible. I recently realized how much footage and moments I missed while writing this so please feel free to add your thoughts here! To wrap up, here are some icons & avatars for you with a strong Cagalli bias <3

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21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35
36 37 38

#26-30 = lyrics from 3 Idiots

I'm happy to see that AsuCaga remained as the more favoured couple at the end and I hope they continue be!

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  1. Thank you for ending this analysis with a very thorough remark.

    I really hope that the studio would somehow stumble into this article and does something about it. Maybe an omake, another manga and movie...?

    I thought I have moved on from this couple, but reading your thoughts really made me fall all over again in love with this shipping.

    Thank you, again!

    1. Thank you for your lovely words - it's much appreciated! In regards to a movie, I think that idea has been completely scraped since it's been so long and other Gundam series have gained momentum. I think an Omake or even an OVA would be decent. It'd be nice if it was actually from Athrun's perspective.

      This ship is definitely full of frustrations...every time I write about them, I end up wanting to look at fanart, so I feel you. I'm happy to hear this article had that affect on you :)

      You're welcome and thank you for reading!

  2. I've see GSD Special Ending ( ), Kira wearing ZAFT's suite and hug lacus, But even more special to me is Athrun wearing ORB's suite indicating that he will at least stay in ORB maybe even be together with Cagalli ^^..!! :d

    1. Hi Nora, thank you for your comment :)

      Yes, I believe Fukuda stated that Athrun had returned to Cagalli but he didn't say anything about a relationship. According to the cd dramas, there isn't anything going on as of yet.

  3. Athrun and Cagalli are like Han and Leia from Star Wars...So they're going to have an emo kid for that long awaited Seed Film that should be announced soon...hopefully...

    1. Thank you for reading :)

      Oh man, that's all we need - another emo child in this series. Shinn can be Athrun & Cagalli's kid, seriously. He was the typical, angsty & angry teen, for good reason of course. I think if a film is made, it'd be difficult to put Athrun & Cagalli together. The wife seems so dead set against it.

  4. Thank yoooou so much i was rewatching the gundam seed series i'm still sad about asucaga i wish they had more closure but reading your blog made me feel better :D
    hopefully in the future they'll give us an asucaga wedding or anything xDD

    1. A wedding image would be neat :) Hopefully where Cagalli's make-up and appearance doesn't look gaudy...I'm glad my blog has been entertaining for you :)

    2. hi,
      do u know where can i read gundam seed destiny edge & edge desire manga?
      I want to read the asucaga moment :)
      a raw manga also ok, but it will be better if u have a eng scanlation link

      thanks before :*

    3. Hello,

      I'm afraid I don't know where you could read it. I merely used google to find the page that had been shared in an AsuCaga community awhile ago. Good luck with finding a copy online.

    4. U can read manga the edge in fuyunoyo but in france
      Before athrun go to space he miss her XD
      He said "ah . You cant come again" (google translate) staring cagalli face in monitor

  5. Hi, I'd like to share my thought, or my theory, about the reason why Athrun doesn't flatly deny having a relationship with Meyrin even though he obviously doesn't (Meyrin denies it herself).
    I'm not sure how much you know about the conversations between him and Arthur, or Shinn, the two people who suspected he's dating with Meyrin.
    But both of them also mentioned Cagalli as another candidate for his girlfriend. So if Athrun denies dating with Meyrin, they'll naturally ask him whether he's with Cagalli after all. And, I think, he wants to avoid such situation.
    He doesn't want to lie about it, but he can't really admit it since it's not the right time yet. Not to mention he's the type who's unwilling to talk about his personal affairs.
    So he opts to make no comments when it comes to his love life. No denying or admitting anything.
    He was like that when he talked about Meer with people who think her as Lacus. He didn't want to acknowledge she's Lacus probably because it's a lie, but he also didn't want to deny her being Lacus. So he avoided saying anything clear.
    In a way, the fact Athrun doesn't make any clear comments concerning his love life is another proof that he's still in a relationship with Cagalli, even though they perhaps "put it on hold" for now. If he broke up with her, there's no reason for him to avoid making comments. He can just say he doesn't have a relationship with anyone, which would probably stop others from asking further questions about his personal affairs and spare him the trouble.

    Actually, the director clearly said they didn't break up on twitter.
    I'm not sure why they don't confirm who Athrun ends up with, whether because the scriptwriter (the director's wife) doesn't like Cagalli or because they think they can keep fans longer in that way, like a cliffhanger. The director's also infamous for making vague comments to make fans (especially AC fans) worry on a regular basis... But when he says something clearly, it's usually in AsuCaga's favor.

    1. What his real intention was, we won't ever know but it's a good theory. My concern lies with the decision of writing an Omake to include this scenerio when there could have been others used by the writer. It could've been written where Athrun admits to Kira, someone who he trusts above all others, that he's in a relationship with Cagalli, even if a hint. Of all people, Kira had been involved in that from the moment he kidnapped Cagalli from the wedding.

      So that being said, I can see why you'd deduce Athrun being mum about the situation is proof of a relationship but personally, I think it's unlikely. He could've switched the topic completely as the culture, despite being in Orb, is very Japanese. They understand more so than others that it's rude to pry :)

      The Director mentioned that he 'returned' to Cagalli in that tweet and that in itself is open to fan interpretation. They got attacked for the lack of AsuCaga closure so he smartened up and put in a very diplomatic fashion. But as I mentioned in this article, if it's up to the Director, then he'll keep AsuCaga going in visual interpretations instead of dialogue.

      Thanks for dropping by.

    2. Hi. Thank you for the reply.
      I totally agree with you they could (or should, in my opinion) include a part where Athrun talks to Kira or someone about his relationship with Cagalli even if only a little (though I suppose Kira already knows they didn't break up without Athrun telling him). In fact, neither Kira nor Athrun even mentioned Cagalli, which was very disappointing.

      But I can't really agree Athrun could change topics easily. Not based on the reason the anime was created in Japan or Orb's culture was similar to Japanese, at least.
      Being a Japanese doesn't mean you don't pry. I'm Japanese and grew up in Japan, and I've met many people who love to pry or can't help prying or whatever... People are people no matter where they're come from.
      And neither Shinn nor Arthur seems to be the considerate type. I bet it's very likely Arthur would try to satisfy his curiosity even if it makes Athrun uncomfortable (possibly not noticing it), and Shinn would pursue the matter of Athrun's relationship just to make Athrun uncomfortable.
      Plus, Athrun's never good at conversation, at least when the subject is personal.
      I'm not trying to make you agree with me. I'm fine if you don't. I just thought I better make a comment on Japanese culture, being a Japanese :)

      As for tweets, I think we are talking about different tweets. The one I mentioned is in which the director answered someone's question and clearly stated "They (Cagalli and Athrun) didn't break up" about four years ago. He added, for some reason I'm unaware of, "They haven't gotten married, either."

    3. "Being a Japanese doesn't mean you don't pry. I'm Japanese and grew up in Japan, and I've met many people who love to pry or can't help prying or whatever..."

      LOL! I guess people truly are people no matter where we go, eh. Thank you for correcting me as I definitely lingered on a stereotype (many of the Japanese students that came here tended to be the polite type so I generalized, my apologies).

      We definitely have different perspectives and I really wish the director didn't always sit on the fence. It would REALLY clear things up. And I hadn't heard about that tweet at all - what a shit disturber, lol. I'm wondering if that has to do with a vindictive intention since he and his wife were attacked by fans after the end of GSD.

      Yes, Arthur and Shinn definitely don't seem like the considerate type at all. I can understand where you're coming from now.

  6. Cagalli is one my favorite character in the show and I feel that her character, should remain independent. She's the leader of orb and doesn't have time for a relationship. As much as I love Athrun and Cagalli, I find their relationship intriguing as it is very different than the usual anime relationships. That's why I find having her stay single is best. I do believe that Meyrin and Athrun are in a relationship now as Cagalli has chosen her dedication to her country and her father over Athrun.

    1. Hi Jon,

      It's interesting your comment came in when it did. I finished watching Quantico and have been debating with myself if it's possible to for a person, particularly a woman, to have both a family/relationship and her career. So I do appreciate the timing of this comment.

      Their relationship is intriguing, that's for sure. I'm not sure about AsuMey being a thing but who knows, it could be and is being said in a very low-key way so that the creators don't receive the amount of criticism that they did.

      I agree that Cagalli definitely is an independent character, as much of the show and Kira's assistance caters towards her being a strong character, but for the sake of those growing up who want both a career and family, I would hope that the show would hint towards a relationship.

      But that may be my idealistic perspective.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Fukuda released an anime music clip, based on his own concept, for the song of "kimi ha boku ni nite iru" "You are similar to me" by See-Saw which was the song played at the end of GSD final episode where 3 groups of people departing and walking separately. In the clip, Fukuda removed the walking scene of Athrun and Meyrin and only showed the walking scenes of KiraxLacus and ShinxLuna. After that, it immediately switched to next scene where the elevator opened with Athrun in Orb Admiral uniform and other people watching KiraxLacus hugging each other. The clip was ended with Fukuda's signature. The removal of Athrun and Meyrin's walking scene was done by Fukuda himself and so this is not fan made. People in Japan should be able to find it through Sunrise authorized dealer. The clip was once uploaded online and it's no longer there due to Sunrise copyright. Fukuda also made Asucaga-centric AMC "Reason", "Akatsuki no Kuruma", "Realize" and etc.

    1. Well, that is interesting. When I initially wrote this, I thought I was up to date with everything. Definitely not. Thank you for letting me know but it shows a huge absence of credibility on him as a director though, as he had to go back and edit quite a bit.

  9. Director's Concept AMC Perfect Collection

  10. Hi! Im really sorry! I accidentaly deleting my comments yesterday.hummm... By the way, im also asucaga biggest fan. I really likes this couples so omuch. I think theres no doubt to asucaga sides that this couples ended up together. Why? Because in gsd SE4 ,gsd final editing extension and even in gsd remastered Athrun is showing wearing orb admiral/ commander uniforms... It means this is automatically, clarification and confirmation that asucaga did not break up. Yes! Athrun choose cagalli not only over to meyrin but also to his not telling this because i like them. But for those asucaga fan and for those asumey fan also accept it or not that is the truth..that is athrun decided to proven how much he loves cagalli. Okay, let think about this one. If meyrin and athrun have on going relationships,i think athrun choose to live in zaft instead of orb. They both coordinators so it easy for them to share their love to each other. So in other words athrun and meyrin situation now that athrun is in orb and while meyrin is in zaft it is so very impossible for their sides to having relationships. Why? For repeating and repeating and repeating athrun mistakes. Remember that is why cagalli and athrun seperate their ways is because athrun is left cagalli in orb and he back to plants and re enlisted to zaft. So do you think this is also athrun doing now. ?He was remain as orb commander and at the same time meyrin and him have on going relationships. I give a rider kick fukuda if this is the reason he wants to visions for his viewers. In my opinion also asucaga reached their reconciliation during they hug each other that is why fukuda inserting that scenes. If you noticed also athrun is the one who step forward to cagalli and passionates hugs her. So cagalli as her part she was surprising on athruns reactions. Cagalli did not response hugs early because on his part she was thinking twice on athruns feelings about her. But during athruns hugs her cagalli prove to herself that athrun still love her. Even though between of them there's no words to more dialogue to speak. Their body and minds understanding each other and that is normal for those people who inlove to each other. Thank you for your analised this couples it give me chance to share my thought about asucaga....

    1. Hi Aleah, I think I did touch on that in my analysis - that both are able to understand each other on a different level altogether. Yes, they definitely reached their reconciliation and Athrun did choose Orb as his home base. But according to the mini skits, Meyrin took a promotion and went to Orb as well. So I do believe Fukuda is playing the field when he can.

  11. I actually found the Fukuda's anime music clip for the song of "kimi ha boku ni nite iru" "You are similar to me" by See-Saw. Though the audio is blocked by Youtube due to copyright, you can fast forward to the walking scene. The scene with Meyrin walking behind Athrun was removed by Fukuda. Right after that, it shows Athrun in Orb's Admiral uniform.


  13. Reply to Anonymous at 07:06: I found the blog about the latest message from Director Fukuda. He said Athrun and Cagalli are not breaking up. He repeated in number of blogs. The Japanese wikipedia for Athrun Zala also has the same info that Fukuda said Athrun and Cagalli are not breaking up at the end in GSD.

  14. Hi!can u tell, where do i can read that fukuda latest blog? I'ms earching latest news also about asucaga but i can't find. Thanks!

  15. The following piece came from Fukuda's blog but he keeps posting everyday so good luck to look for the ones below from his twitter blog.

    He actually replied to fan endless_storyxx that Athrun and Cagalli are not breaking up but they are not getting married. He also put big words "I DON'T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH" at his first reply.

    福田 己津央 @fukuda320 2011-12-31 20:59:53
    ワタシエイゴワカリマセーン RT @endless_storyxx: 最近海外のサイトをみていると、アスランとカガリのファンの方々らしい書き込みでアスランとカガリは別れたのか?と議論しているのをチラホラあり、まるで以前監督からお教えいただくまでの私達のようだ…と感じました。
    福田 己津央 @fukuda320 2012-01-01 21:02:29
    別れてないし、結婚もしてないです(;^_^A RT @endless_storyxx: アスランとカガリは別れてないけど、それぞれの道で頑張っているとの認識で間違えてないですよね?と書き込んでも問題はないでしょうか? あの二人は別れたのかどうか知っている人教えてとの叫び(?)

    And there's a footnote at the end of the page for Athrun Zala in
    ^ 福田監督はリマスター第39話のコメンタリーで、「破局してるわけじゃない」と発言している。

    In the commentary for GSD Remastered episode 39, he said "they are not breaking up". "They" refer to Athrun and Cagalli.

    There are other blogs mentioning and discussing the comments "they are not breaking up" said by Fukuda.

    I hope this is good enough to say Athrun and Cagalli are still together at the end.

    Fukuda's wife Morosawa has passed away in February 2016. RIP Morosawa. I hope Fukuda will be all right and be able to finish his movie.

    1. That's unfortunate, that she passed away. I thought it was a rumour and hopefully she RIP.

  16. Fukuda's recent twitter posts on 9/15/2016 reminded fans to watch Gundam Seed HD Remastered especially the episode "Land of Peace" being played on TV. It seems he tries to keep his GS fans - especially Asucaga fans. "Land of Peace" is right after "War of Two" where two of them were stranded on an unmanned island. I believe he's still working on his movie even though his wife has already passed away and needs fans to support his work. Based on his previous twitter blogs in 2012, he will have more details for characters if there's a sequel or partial details if there's a movie. If the movie will be released, then we are expecting the have the sequel afterwards. Just like the upcoming movie for Sword Art Online, Ajin and etc. Movie first and then the TV Sequel.

    1. I think at this point, any hope of a movie has been abandoned. With the popularity of Code Geass, I would think the focus would be on the more recent series in regards to demand.

  17. :) hi! Thank you so much! I really appreciated... After i read your post about fukuda tweets last 12-01-01 I agree on your statement.. Yes fukuda stating athrun and cagalli never break up... He said ( wakaretenaishi) it means "they did not breaking up!! " ( kekkon mo shitenai desu) "they did not getting marriages also.. (" asuran to cagari wakaretenai kedo sore zore no michi ganbatsuteiro ") athrun and cagalli did not break up therefore, when their decided to seperate their ways.. Athrun and cagalli are both trying hard to do their duty by fallowing the imperial edict.. Athrun believing gilbert dullandal words it seems sounds good... While cagalli is yuna lets manipulate her..( machigaetenai desho neh?) ( tokakicon demo mondaideshoka) athrun and cagalli are both making wrong decission by those people who surrounds them.. They think that is the best way to do their respectives duty .. ( ano futari wa wakareta no kadou wa shitsuteiro nin osiete sakebi) but at the end athrun and cagalli both realized their own mistakes their cry loud also.. See cagalli shouts crying on tears... While athrun shout crying when kira defeated by shin and arckangel shot down by minerva.. Fukuda said also ( watashi eigo wakarimasen) i dont understand english.. Anonymous is right fukuda still reminds his fan to watch gundam seed revival on this last september 15 ,2016 .. So athrun and cagalli never break up... You see the hug scence of asucaga that hugs happened after cagalli took out the ring and leaving without any speak to athrun and cagalli saying to meyrin to look after athrun.. I think thats why cagalli entrusting athrun to meyrin because cagalli knows athrun and meyrin are both coordinators, and meyrin help athrun scape... Cagalli saying to meyrin you look after athrun not to breaking athrun or choosing his country she said that because she cannot go with them.. Cagalli on his first words talking to meyrin... I heard you going out with them.? You look after athrun.. Because i cannot go with you.. I pray for your safety.. Cagalli saying that to meyrin to look athrun for her not giving athrun to meyrin.. Cagalli leaves near to cry because that is the hard things to do for her parts.. She wants to fight also and to take care of athrun too but because of her possitions and responsibility she needs to back in her country.. And i think meyrin find outs also by herself that athrun and cagalli have relationships. Did you see her reactions.. When cagalli saying to her to look after athrun.. She was surprised isn it? So that time meyrin discovered athrun and cagalli relationships... Lets back on athruns. He was scared and shout cagalli's name when cagalli near to kill by shin. So meyrin was on his side and meyrin was surprised on athrun reactions.. See that time meyrin knows that athrun have romantic feelings to cagalli.. And for cagalli took out the rings i think also cagalli did that because for so many reasons. First, she wants athrun to make decissions about the war by himself not attaching with her. Second, as a girl she feel some insecure athruns feelings for her.. If athrun still love her.. But athruns answered all cagalli doubt his love.. Athrun gives a passionte hugs her.. Stating that hugs dont wory i still love you. Your still my princess.. I will save the future sothat we can start again see athrun still remain orb commander it means he's back to cagalli.. Im sory for my grammar.. I hope someday fukuda surprise us for gs movies releasing... Thank you so much to anonymous and halcon fields to help us to understand asucaga never break up

    1. Haha, you're welcome, I'm glad this blog offers a platform for fans to discuss :)

  18. To Aleah Cartero, I am glad you like them. In both GSD Edge manga and GSD novel, they added more detailed information on how Athrun thought of Cagalli. The GSD novel is strictly derived from the GSD TV series and is added more details on each character and their thoughts. There are many romantic scenes and thought between Athrun and Cagalli in the novel but I can't put too much here. I just randomly picked the following parts that we have not heard from the TV. It's best that you buy their novels and find out yourself.

    1) Kira: "It was Kisaka-san who brought you here. We were all shocked. Cagalli was just by your bedside and kept crying.
    Athrun thought, "Cagalli, she was safe too. This is Archangel. They really had escaped unharmed."
    2) Cagalli entered the door, "Are you all right?". Athrun watched her approaching. She sat down in the chair by the bed.
    Athrun, "Although I really want to die. It's pity I seems I don't die."
    He rashly believed in Dulandel and got on the battle against Kira and others. Although he had been kept in the dark, it was a fact he helped the villain and even got the innocent Meyrin involved. In the moment, he recognized his mistakes and felt particulary difficult and heavy.
    However, Cagalli is sad after hearing his self-deprecating, "Why did you say that? No one will be happy."
    Athrun found himself only venting his emotion and apologized, "I am sorry".
    Saying he wants to die is just to selfishly balance his feeling of guilt but he did not consider of the feelings of Cagalli. If he really died, he can't imagin how sad she is. Speaking of that, this is a kind of happiness to be alive to ensure her feelings to him.
    3) Kira, "Ah, can i turn on the TV? Cagalli is declaring a statement."
    Athrun nodded with some panic, "Eh? Oh, ok" Kira did not seem noticing Athrun and went to turn the screen on the wall, "she said she would express her will and then look at the situation later."
    Cagalli, "I am Cagalli Yula Athha, the chief representative of Orb".
    Watching her on the TV, Athrun has a feeling of reunion after a long separation and also a tingling in his heart.
    When he was sent to the infirmary in the second time, Cagalli no longer came to see him. This war has lost many official families. Cagalli must have been busy with her country's affairs and more lilely did not even have time to sleep. He can understand but to tell the truth he feels a bit lonely.
    4) The ending after Dulindel was killed.
    Both armies agreed to cease fire
    Soon, they shot a flare. That is a return signal. Like echoes, the survived ships from two sides cast the signals like a brilliant fancy fireworks.
    "Come Back!"
    In the darkness of the universe, those colorful lights are like to say "Come Back"
    Athrun rememberd the sparkling ocean. He thought of the jewel-like oasis of the sea, the tides of white beach, laughing, and also the person waiting for him there.
    He turned his eyes and flew to the wreckage where the boy is at.
    Athrun, "Go home. I have been tired. For the remaining matters, I will think slowly tomorrow. At least, we have tomorrow."

  19. Both GSD Edge manga and GSD novel above are official and are not fan-made.

  20. I translated those lines into English from the novel. You can purchase those novels from by their ISBN numbers listed in the Editions section in this wikia

  21. To Anonymous :) Thank you verry much.. I think that is exactly what i need.. Buying gs manga or novels is a good idea.. And i think reading asucaga manga is likes a two stone in one bird for me.. I can have personaly read their most romantic scence and to improve also my reading and writting in japanese lunguage...
    Yes! I really love everything of them.. The Red knight and The Princess. Their love story it looks for real... For me cagalli is the most beautifull among the girls both gundam seed and gundam destiny.. Even though she's acting tomboyish or masculine.. She looks awesome and interesting that's why she gots high impacts of fan. Her character is unique and strong woman .. Her acting voice is good also... What ever cagalli wears clothes she is so lovely and seksi specially when she puts wearing on long gown dress.. The most i like for her is atittude, she is have a good hearts.. In both gundam seed and gundam destiny she can sacrifice her own happiness to protect not only those people she loves but all innocent people ...
    While athrun zala is so very romantic and super handsome...
    He have a strong imfacts to all Zaft Pink girls....:meer, luna, and meyrin got involves on him and this three wishing to claims athrun's heart but sorry for them..
    Athrun is not a hula hula changeable man. His hearts occupied only with one girl .Cagalli yula attha.. I dont really like meyrin to athrun.. Asumey is a very boaring and non sense pairing ..i dont know why do people thinking that athrun loves meyrin.. I watched all gs and gsd ,special edition final plus and even both gs and gsd remastered here in bs chanel 11 and bs animax here in okinawa japan.. Thers no sign on athruns part that he has romantis scence or even romantic dialogue to meyrin..
    I know morasawa admiting herself when she first see or read the gundam seed destiny manga or novels that those two writers is morethan smart and good balanced writter than her.. Actually morasawa can changed the ending scence for asucaga much better like the two writers did but because of her pride she change a little bit and i thanks for that atleast its favor in asucaga fans..
    Some japanese fan also praising and much prefared the asucaga fairing than asumey..
    Thank you so much anonymous!! X-)

  22. To Anonymous :) Thank you verry much.. I think that is exactly what i need.. Buying gs manga or novels is a good idea.. And i think reading asucaga manga is likes a two stone in one bird for me.. I can have personaly read their most romantic scence and to improve also my reading and writting in japanese lunguage...
    Yes! I really love everything of them.. The Red knight and The Princess. Their love story it looks for real... For me cagalli is the most beautifull among the girls both gundam seed and gundam destiny.. Even though she's acting tomboyish or masculine.. She looks awesome and interesting that's why she gots high impacts of fan. Her character is unique and strong woman .. Her acting voice is good also... What ever cagalli wears clothes she is so lovely and seksi specially when she puts wearing on long gown dress.. The most i like for her is atittude, she is have a good hearts.. In both gundam seed and gundam destiny she can sacrifice her own happiness to protect not only those people she loves but all innocent people ...
    While athrun zala is so very romantic and super handsome...
    He have a strong imfacts to all Zaft Pink girls....:meer, luna, and meyrin got involves on him and this three wishing to claims athrun's heart but sorry for them..
    Athrun is not a hula hula changeable man. His hearts occupied only with one girl .Cagalli yula attha.. I dont really like meyrin to athrun.. Asumey is a very boaring and non sense pairing ..i dont know why do people thinking that athrun loves meyrin.. I watched all gs and gsd ,special edition final plus and even both gs and gsd remastered here in bs chanel 11 and bs animax here in okinawa japan.. Thers no sign on athruns part that he has romantis scence or even romantic dialogue to meyrin..
    I know morasawa admiting herself when she first see or read the gundam seed destiny manga or novels that those two writers is morethan smart and good balanced writter than her.. Actually morasawa can changed the ending scence for asucaga much better like the two writers did but because of her pride she change a little bit and i thanks for that atleast its favor in asucaga fans..
    Some japanese fan also praising and much prefared the asucaga fairing than asumey..
    Thank you so much anonymous!! X-)

  23. Hello Aleah, this is Pui, :>) the Anonymous who has been talking to you. :d I am glad I find this site which is still up-to-date and can get to meet more Asucaga fans here. I feel nostalgic to this place. Yeah, I definitely agree to what you said about Athrun and Cagalli. They are the main reason why I like Gundam Seed (and somewhat GSD "in lower tone" ;( ) It's ironic that Fukuda in his recent twitter got excited about his Gundam Seed HD Remastered being re-broadcasted in Tokyo Mx. Then, his twitter friend replied with comments that although Gundam Seed is good and he likes the 4 characters, the Gundam Seed Destiny is a failure with irrational story. It's like a cold water splash over Fukuda's head. His twitter friend continues to be sarcastic when talking about GSD. Still, Fukuda didn't seem mind and left his twitter open for comments. (h)

    1. Thank you for thinking highly of this blog, Pui :)

  24. You need to know how happy I am to find your beautifully written insight of AsuCaga during GSD. It has been over 10 years and I still feel bitter about them. Your posts are great help to relieve that bitterness.

    That aside. While agreeing to your points, I can't help but to see GSD as a failed entertainment product as a whole. It nearly fails at everything: picking up issues, developing characters, executing build-up, delivering messages--so unlike its predecessor series, GS, which is great at nearly everything.

    In GS, all characters are embodiment of occuring issues and their clashes to each other have their own messages. For example, Kira/Mwu x Le Creuzt about human ambition, Murrue x Natarle about captainship, Kira/Athrun x Cagalli about interracial relationship, Kira/Athrun x Lacus/Cagalli about the essense of war, so on and forth.

    GSD just basically nulified what they have accomplished during GS, by breaking bond between Athrun and the big three, resurrecting Mwu as somewhat villain, degredating Cagalli to second string. And Shinn ... duh! The script has made him sinking to ocean of hatred, far too deep to redeem himself, to the point Kira needs to resume his role as world war hero. That's riddicculous. Shinn supposed to be the main character, not just merely another-super-soldier character.

    In short, I can firmly say AsuCaga (and other GSD characters) are victim of the messy script.

    (This has been my opinion for years, even before I'm aware of the off-screen controvercy between the VA and Wiafu, which just happened today, through your posts). I think I'll just pretend like GSD never happens.

    1. Hello!

      Yes, GSD, in my opinion as well, was a botched product. The script failed so much and I think Lacus as well as Kira/Lacus fans would be the happiest with everything that happened, in consideration of the spotlight those two characters received.

      This would explain why there had to be so many edits to the series in future renditions, such as the special editions, remastered series and the director AMVs. I have never seen so many edits to a relationship before because as it was, in the original, I saw it very much as a Kira/Cagalli bond building show.

      I too feel very irritated by the movements the first series made, especially with the interracial couples/plots (Kira/Fllay, Kira|Athrun/Cagalli, Miri/Dearka) and a Yzak/Fllay thing would have been incredibly interesting.

      But anyhow, rant aside, thank you for your comment and dropping by!

  25. I'm confused, for what reason do they think Meyrin likes Athrun? I see many times, Meyrin just think of Athrun as her brother (like Lunamaria). Likewise Athrun, considers Meyrin like a little sister (as described on CD Drama GSD - Athrun).

    1. There are a few scenes where Meyrin's admiration did go beyond what could've been a sibling relationship. For Athrun seeing her as a sister, that's understandable however, there were instances in the show that Meyrin showed she had a crush on him (eg. purposely falling onto him when they were docked)

  26. I enjoyed your article. You had some great insight on scenes and situations. I would love for the creators to see this, so that they can see that AsuCaga fans are loyal, and would love a clearer ending. I think that's what drives me crazy...the ending between them was too ambiguous! After all of these years I still crave a more certain answer to their status.

  27. Hi pui and anonymous!
    I'm really sorry for late reply..
    I totally agree to you gundam destiny is poor management and bad writing.. Unlinked gundam seed it is quite interesting and have fabulous story..I feel sorry to cagalli and shin for what morasawa did to put them in a mess characters..
    When I first watched gsd original..I was big disappointed and really hurt so much for the favorite asucaga it looks likes their broken up but when gsd special edition and remastered released and seeing athrun hugs cagalli and wearing orb uniform at the end my joyful heartbeats faster again to this fair.?
    Until now iam addicted to this couples and asucaga are my best favorite couples in all anime in the universe no matter what happened I still likes and loves them..
    I'm so glad that I met some asucaga fans here and really thanks full for holcyonfields blogs is great ..

  28. To anonymous, thank you very much for encourage me to buy gsd manga.. After I read gsd manta I can't stop myself to cry and cried out loudly..chimaki is smart writer.?she gave justice to asucaga.. I enjoyed the parts where athrun is finding out cagalli was not there in arc angel. He asked the arc angel crew.where's cagalli then they answered. She was going out with his new mobile suit akatsuki.. Athrun was amazed hearing akatsuki.. Then miraria said akatsuki and destiny are fightings athrun is really worried to cagalli and contact her.. Cagalli come back its dangerous..athrun knows cagalli have no match to shin but cagalli said yes its dangerous but I needs to protect orb.. And no more meyrin scence. After reading five volumes of manga I realized what you said, it is really good to discover by myself..thank you so much I enjoy the manga.. I hope Mitsui Fukuda can understand English so that he can discover by himself also how asucaga is popular and peoples really loves them in a whole world.. I find also the tweets your post Fukuda's answered to asucaga together blogs in Japan chromes.. Sorry for my bad writing s

  29. Is there any hope for more of them or a cleare ending? SIGH. I was Anonymous on sept 8th

  30. Question (one that'll ease my heart), was The Edge Manga ever regarded as legit? Or is it considered fan fiction?

    1. Hello LaPorscha :)

      I believe that The Edge was official but we just need to be careful with declaring it absolute canon because the writer had much more material to work with and paced the story better. He also had a strong AsuCaga bias and Athrun was characterized a bit differently than what we saw on screen. Hopefully that answered your question :)

    2. A little. I just want them to be considered real. I recently read the old interview of the creators saying AsuCaga wasn't real or in love, and I'm angry all over again. I truly believe they hate AsuCaga fans. IDK what to believe...I believe they had to go their separate ways, but everything else I'm so confused about. Where do they stand in the GS/GSD universe???

    3. A little. I just want them to be considered real. I recently read the old interview of the creators saying AsuCaga wasn't real or in love, and I'm angry all over again. I truly believe they hate AsuCaga fans. IDK what to believe...I believe they had to go their separate ways, but everything else I'm so confused about. Where do they stand in the GS/GSD universe???

  31. I stumbled upon your blog while searching inspiration for a fanart. I was only planning to draw Athrun but now uhuhu my feelz. I didn't watch GSD because of AsuCaga... I think my heart will break. And though I did get some spoilers from here, I couldn't stop reading because of how well you have fleshed-out this analysis. It has been more than a decade, but my bias for them has become even stronger now ;;;; Thank you for this.

    1. Thank you for your comment :) Whatever happened in canon, happened. However, as fans, we can enjoy what we like, just as I do the whole Zack-Aerith ship. I hope you found your inspiration!

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  33. I have to say first of all, I am absolutely amazed and appreciative for this detailed analysis on Asucaga. I had recently gotten back to the GS and GSD fandom. Not to say I ever really left lol. This brings back so much nostalgia for me, because GS and GSD were my first anime series and introduced me into the Gundam universe. I was 6 when I started, and now I’m 19. I’ve stuck with this series and Asucaga throughout my life at this point. When I found out they were remastering both series, I was already on board for it. After rewatching the original series and remastered versions for the nth time, I must say that your analysis has brought a great light to the topic of Asucaga’s development.

    As I grew up, everytime I analyze the pairings of the series I found that I would always feel bitter about how Asucaga never got proper closure. This sometimes led to me blaming other characters, like Meer, Lunamaria, and Meyrin (the Athrun harem XD). However, after a lot of rewatching, I realized that they’re not to blame, they were essentially for character development. Which is a great point you discussed in part III. Athrun really could’ve ended up like Meer, manipulated and used as a puppet for Durandal’s ultimate goal (the Destiny Plan). If he had stayed, he would’ve gone down a terrible path and led more astray. He wouldn’t BE Athrun, but a mindless soldier with no choice of his own. In the end, I felt sorry for Meer, she was chasing her dreams and she wanted nothing more than to help ease the conflict of war, but she was confused about the true motives of Durandal and ended up killed.

    With Meyrin, I found her reasons to defect to be understandable as well. Her character was also needed for other characters development, such as Shinn, Luna, and Athrun. Luna really didn’t have much going for her than being a side character, Shinn was starting to turn into an obnoxious brat who wanted nothing but power (even though he was supposed to be GSD’s main character), and Athrun was not gonna be able to escape on his own (in SEED when he was arrested by his own father and it took the Clyne faction to intercept and rescue him). After the alleged death of Athrun and Meyrin at Shinn’s hands, Luna felt betrayed by Athrun and sided with Shinn, thinking he did what was best as a ZAFT soldier under orders, even if she was hurt that her sister was ‘dead.’ Her character then matured and decided to face the battles head on instead of focusing on unnecessary things like her crush and how to get him. With Athrun gone, Shinn became a Faith member and took on the responsibilities of a leader. He felt like he needed to take charge and that’s why I felt like though he was conflicted with his killing of Athrun and Meyrin, he felt it was necessary to take a leap forward. He was, however, still flawed in the way of his grudge against ORB and the Athhas. This grudge caused him to be easily manipulated by Durandal and Rey (who was a strong Durandal follower) to destroy ORB in the last ORB battle. He couldn’t tell right from wrong because he believed what he was doing was for the greater good based on what Rey told him, and whenever Athrun jumped in to try to lead him, he only saw a traitor. Which is why the final battle between Athrun and Shinn was well thought out in my opinion, it showed how conflicted Shinn was due to the war. Athrun basically had to knock the crap outta him to knock some sense back into him. And Athrun, having Meyrin’s help to escape, led him to be grateful for her and guilty that he involved her. Though I am guilty of finding her to be a interference to Asucaga when I was younger, I myself have grown to see the qualities of her character. She was lost and afraid, she left ZAFT and her sister in such a rush that she didn’t have time to reflect until she was on the Archangel. With so many unfamiliar people on there, Athrun wanted to be a fellow crew mate and allowed her to stay so that she was comfortable, his gentlemen side. He wanted to be a brother figure for her now that she was far from her sister and her friends on the Minerva.

    1. Sorry for leading away from the Asucaga topic there, just had to give some of my thoughts on the character development. I personally find Athrun and Cagalli to be the most realistic couple with a lot of development in both series, not too sugar-coated or random. They found a part of themselves in each other, even though they had differing views in GSD, their views led to one path and goal. That’s probably why they’re one of the most popular ships in the Gundam universe. Athrun’s English VA did a Skype interview with a fan where he personally stated that he saw Cagalli to be the best fit for someone like Athrun. YUUKA of fictionjunction, who sings Akatsuki no Kuruma and Honoo no Tobira (Cagalli’s theme songs), also stated that she found Cagalli’s character to be a strong one and that Asucaga were perfect for each other. I also found an interview between Akira Ishida (Athrun’s Japanese VA) and Naomi Shindou (Cagalli’s Japanese VA) that had some of their amusing perspectives on the pairing.

      I’m very glad that you talked about how both Athrun and Cagalli needed to separate for NOW to be able to develop themselves first. They’re still young and have their own flaws to fix first. The two of them were overshadowed by their fathers’ mistakes or legacy. Which caused them to ultimately choose what they did in the beginning of GSD (political marriage to a douche and returning to ZAFT). But this was beneficial for them, because they had to face a bridge to cross over the other side. In other words, face their troubles to move forward in their shared goal of peace. Which is good that the series decided to put their relationship on hold for them to grow as individuals before they come back to each other. Anyways, being dedicated to the Asucaga fandom for so long now, I believe that though the conflict between Chiaki Morosawa (Fukuda’s wife and the series’ writer) and Naomi Shindo (Cagalli’s VA) was the reason for Cagalli’s character to be downgraded in GSD, Fukuda wanted to recover some of the damage by inputting the necessary parts and adding small details as well as the AMVs as a way to assure Asucaga fans that there is still hope. Whether or not there is a movie, OVA, or OMAKE in the future for this Gundam series now that Morosawa has passed, would be entirely up to how much the GS and GSD fans are still willing to watch it and if Fukuda can find a way to do it. With this blog, I feel that we are one of many fans who are still awaiting the possibility for these projects. And if we’re lucky and Fukuda can find a way to write out a script for the movie (Morosawa made a plot for the movie, but got sick before she could write the script), then we can have something to look forward too. OMG XD I’m sorry for the long ass post, but when I get into a discussion about Asucaga, I’m willing to go the extra mile. <3

  34. I don't understand why they think Athrun doesn't end up with Cagalli. Please understand the Gundam Seed story first before comment/analyze. Athrun and Cagalli must be together, they are already fated to be together at the beginning. Coordinators and Natural must be together to produce offspring/seed (because the coordinator is almost extinct). That is the point of all these stories. The relationship of Athrun and Cagalli are the points of the whole story, they are coordinator and natural. That's why I'm sure there's a sequel to this story, and Athrun and Cagalli are the only couple who can be sure to end up together in this series. Natural x Coordinator = positive = peace = end of story. (I'm sorry for bad english)

    1. I totally agree with you, anonymous. That's what I think all of the time. When leader on Orb nation (Cagalli) with married with Coordinator (Athrun), that mean they give an examples both natural and coordinator can live in this life with peaceful. So I think when the day they were together that's mean their big mission to make a peace in that world is acomplished.

    2. I totally agree with you, anonymous. That's what I think all of the time. When leader of Orb nation (Cagalli) married with Coordinator (Athrun), that mean they give an examples both natural and coordinator can live together in this life with peaceful. So I think when the day they were together that's mean their big mission to make a peace in that world is acomplished. Sorry for my broken english :)

  35. Not only that. The meaning of the name, color, gundam of Athrun and Cagalli is closely related. Example: the color of clothes they wear is always identical with red and green. Athrun means dawn, gundam from Uzumi to Cagalli named Akatsuki which means dawn. Cagalli or Kagaribi is red (star) flower (can be seen in ED-38 Gundam Seed remastered / Akatsuki no kuruma), and the gundam of Athrun is always red. They are Coordinators and Natural, their relationship is the solution of this war. Coordinators have weaknesses that can not breed, Destiny Plan is not a solution to end the war, they will become extinct by itself. The solution of this war is the love of Natural and Coordinator, and the proof of their love is the offspring of them, that's why this series is named SEED. The Background of their first kiss is Earth (Gundam Seed-46 remastered).

  36. Reply: LaPorscha Rodgers - Why do you believe in their ambiguous interview? Do you know there are some interviews after that, which is the bright spot of their relationship, that they are not meant to be apart, and they hope fans don't misunderstand their interviews. I think the old interview was just to keep their fans constantly curious and interested in their relationship (and it's been proven that until now topic of AsuCaga always been a hot topic). Bad news is good news. They are planning a sequel / movie.
    Of all that, what's the point of us watching this series if we still think about the opinions of others. Quite a story in this series that is the source, not the opinions of others. But it depends on our mindset in response :)

  37. Hello everyone!

    First of all, to @HalcyonFields, I already read your analysis about AsuCaga last year and now, I couldn't stop but read it again. I really liked how you explain (according to your point of view) every significant events between Athrun and Cagalli in GSD, added some other vital information that could help for more understanding for your readers. Thank you very much for your effort in writing this because here, you voiced out some of my thoughts and what I really wanted to say and you gave answers to my questions that were in my mind for over a decade.

    It is really amazing to know that in this present time (2018), there are still talking and looking for the accurate "answer" on what happened to Athrun and Cagalli after the second-bloody-war. After we watched the original series of GSD, I think every one of us had a broken heart (well, that’s how I felt). And after more than a decade, I couldn’t still move on to what happened to them. Started 2015, I read some blogs, reviews, and debate in other sites to find answers and started to read fan fictions to ease the sadness in my heart on what happened to AsuCaga. I also read the interview of Morosawa and Fukuda that was held back 2005. To learned that “Athrun and Cagalli's love is a misunderstood love. It seems like Cagalli doesn't seem to like Athrun a great deal.”(Morosawa,, and Fukuda added by telling, “Rather than love, their relationship is more of a "comrades in arms" relationship. Though they blushed when they kissed, but that's because of embarrassment/shyness and uncertainty. It is not a mature feeling of love.” (; these statements from the scriptwriter and director made me really frustrated. I couldn’t accept it. But as the time goes by, I continued to read others insights and reviews about this pair, and even some reviews of anti-AsuCaga or more on AsuMey, I tried to understand their standings and evidence that their canon is for real.

    In this blog, so far I am satisfied in the explanation of the writer, with the addition of the people who gave time to drop their comment and share their knowledge about the real standing of AsuCaga, so I don’t need to specify my standpoint. But to summarize my other views, first, I think the making of GSD was mixed up with personal hatred (I am thinking for other terms for this, I’m sorry), like what it mentioned earlier about the issues between Morosawa and the VA of Cagalli. Secondly, in GSD, it showed to us that their relationship (in terms of romantic relationship) is not as easy as it is. The obstacles such as different race, miscommunication, different views and priorities in life and misunderstanding are some of the common reasons why couples broke up; let’s add the LDR, unexpected situations, and the influence of people around them. And that’s the reality. So for me, Athrun and Cagalli’s relationship is more realistic compared to other couples in GSD. And last, whether they like it or not, AsuCaga is REAL! Haha… 

    I also want to use this opportunity to ask, will Fukuda still has a plan to show their promised movie of GSD? It has been 4 years after the death of her wife (RIP Morosawa).  I am really looking forward for the movie.

    Well, this is it, again thank you and nice meeting all of you even just here. Let’s not lost hope for our favorite canon: ASUCAGA. They are definitely meant for each other in our heart whatever other says. So keep it up!  -LeeMinRen

  38. I get the source from social media. This is Athrun Zala's profile at Official Game in Japan:
    "... After the war ended he did not return to PLANT and worked as a personal bodyguard of his lover, Cagalli."
    In some official sources such as: Official Guidebooks, Official Game, etc., they are lovers (in loving relationships), not comrades in arms as said in the interview (2005).
    Even in the official game, Athrun expresses his love for Cagalli, and will return to ORB after the war ends (end of GSD).

  39. Hi! Thank you for this analysis. It’s been years and I thought I have moved on from Asucaga, but no. I still ache for them. I still believe they are back together tho.