Last year, there was hype over Japan's first lesbian married couple to the extent of having a manga (" Lesbian-teki Kekkon Seik...

LGBT marriages not recognized in Japan


Last year, there was hype over Japan's first lesbian married couple to the extent of having a manga ("Lesbian-teki Kekkon Seikatsu") being published based on their married life.

Cool but what's this? Japan hasn't legalized LGBT marriages?

It’s quite intriguing that LGBT marriages aren’t legalized since the entertainment business, (animanga, dramas, etc) incorporate gay couplings, leading the illusion of being tolerant.

The reason why I say illusion is after reading the comment here, it further enlightened me to a trend of capitalism: beauty makes things okay. The following images help with the understanding of this statement:

These are aesthetically pleasing or provides fanservice to the audience. So if gay love or attraction is shown as such, then it's pleasing. It's not to say all yaoi, yuri or het fans fit this mold but I've spent enough years in fandom to see that beautiful characters matter to a large extent - 50/50 on art & plot makes a solid story (Takashi from Prince of Tennis is an example of this, being the most regularly drawn). In pursuit of 'hawtness', these rapid fangirls make more socio-cultural problems than there should be. 

Referring to the comments once again, some say because the 'marriage' was between two women who were good looking, they were able to 'get away' with such an event. Some say if it was two men, they wouldn't be able to bear it. 

So...are fans objectifying LGBT couples in fandom? Yes, I believe so. Fandoms are not the only ones that participate in this. As much as I enjoy CLAMP's works, beauty is a trend they definitely emphasize on through scenery in scans and of course, the characters themselves. They say love has no form but their characters sure are good looking people, eh?

Returning to reality, it's terrible that if a couple was considered unattractive, they would have much more trouble with society. Then again, beauty makes things better for anyone - in some places, prettier people are paid more than those who aren't. 

So sad. 

For those who want to read the article, take a look here

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